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Motherhood journey: The caesarian section part 2

Continuing from my last article on motherhood journey: the caesarian section ... As I entered the theatre, it was so cold and everywhere was white as though it was painted shortly before I came in, I was somewhat afraid.
Continuing from my last article on motherhood journey: the caesarian section ... As I entered the theatre, it was so cold and everywhere was white as though it was painted shortly before I came in, I was somewhat afraid.

My faith began to shake, I said within me, did they paint this place white for easy access to heaven? I began to catch cold cos it was cold in there. I went to change into the gown and went in with my phone and earpiece so I could listen to gospel songs so that even if, I transcend to the next world, it would be sweet… You know how the devil whispers crazy things to you at this point.

A lady came to shave me and I tried striking a conversation but, she wasn’t responding as I wanted. Then she left. The anesthetist came again, I started asking questions, she responded and asked if I was Nigerian, I said yes but, I’m married to a Ghanaian. She said, from my accent she knew. She began telling me about her adventures in Nigeria as a lecturer and other stories, then, my heart became at peace and my fears vanished.

I asked her about the procedure and if she had gone through it. She said she has three children and all were born through elective CS. I was relaxed and said…oh! Thank God. I asked why she was giving me drip before the procedure, she said its too increase my blood and water level. She said they give 2-3 but, She’ll give me two, I said ah! For where? Please give me three, I don’t want stories that touch the heart … she laughed, then gave me three.

When I entered the main theatre, I was asked to climb the high chair, I was acting like a child… It was funny for me as well. They said asked me to move up. I was moving in my mind but, my body wasn’t moving. They repeated, madam, move up, I said I’m moving then they began to laugh. I was assisted then I started remembering all the American movies I watched where surgery is to take place then the patient will start to shake and all the medical team will begin to run helter-skelter till the person passes. I rejected it in my mind and was watching all their moves and activities.

The surgeon wore this white rain boot and I was wondering why. Then I said perhaps so that blood would not spill on his shoes. I was connected to one machine and American movies continued playing in my head.

I began to fear again… I said, my God, is this how I’ll die? My family is far way in Nigeria, my husband is home sleeping and I’m here alone on this table. Then I heard a still voice saying ‘ You are not alone, I am with you till the end of time”. I was comforted. I called motioned to the surgeon to come close. When he came I said, please, it’s my first time, please, help me I beg you in God’s name. As a local woman that I am, I said, help me do it well so I won’t have complications afterward, he laughed and said, madam, don’t worry you’re in good hands.

I asked about the other two there, he said they’re his assistants I said OK… I instantly knew they were students. I further said, “doctor see ehn, during my sister’s surgery, a pair of scissors was forgotten in her womb, she was in serious pain and had to go for reconstructive surgery and I don’t want to come back here for that, please, help me”.

He was smiling while I spoke and was patient until I was done talking. He replied, madam don’t worry, you will be fine. We will do our best. On hearing that, I allowed him to proceed to his work.

The Anaesthetist said, please, stand up, I did. Bend your back into an arc I did. She said, don’t move please if you move, something could go wrong then I became scared again. In my mind I just said “which kind wahala be this again”? She needed to give me the anesthetics to numb the lower part of my body. As she injected my spine, I felt the drug move all the way down. Then I laid back

After a few minutes, She said, “please raise your legs”, I couldn’t, I didn’t even feel my legs, I told her, then she said OK. Fortunately for me, the positioning of the numerous small lights bulbs all in one circle board above me favoured my viewing because in between the lights were mirrors so I was seeing everything while looking up to the mirror above me. The surgeon gradually cut while the assistants mopped the blood with cotton wool. First and second layer. I felt the tug to bring out the baby but, without pain. The anesthetist kept checking my bp and trust me… I kept asking her if it was okay or gone up. She said it is okay.

At some point, she said, madam please calm down. I continued speaking in tongues as I’ve been doing since I got there. Suddenly, I started to shiver and was shaking on that table ooo… My hands were shaking terribly and I asked the lady why I was shaking. She said don’t worry, I kept speaking in tongues as my mouth was shaking then, I stabilized.

My next concern was hearing my babies cry to denote life. As she was brought out, she let out a faint angelic cry. I muttered, “thank you, Jesus”. She was shown to me and the nurse took her to a nearby station to clean. I was watched as she was being cleaned then, taken away for proper dressing.

My motherhood journey begins